About Us

We are a company based in Colorado, and we managed to develop the most comprehensive software application for customer support. Our team consists of three developers who worked on the main projects. After working in many private companies which were struggling with customer support system, we came up with an idea to develop the software that will unite all features in one place and provide you stability in work. It all started five years ago when we quit your jobs and decided to start a new project. It took us a couple of months to organize everything and then we started developing our software. When we launched the Trust Fuel, it was a rough path, and we couldn’t prove how valuable our development was.

But, one client from LA showed us the trust and decided to install our software. Since then, we had more and more customers who used our solution to improve their business and boost the profit. Now, we have a variety of clients who are grateful that we saved their companies. If you want to test our services, you can contact us through an email and we would set a meeting and propose you the best solution for your business.